19 March 2012

Inspiration to reality

Image: Vanessa Jackman
jacket: Florence / shirt: Target / jeans: Levis / boots: Rachel Comey
In my efforts to shop my closet, I've found the internet to be helpful in putting together new combinations of items I already own. Here is one example - I saw this image and thought, I could do a version of this! So it's what I'm wearing today. I couldn't replicate the other details that I loved about this photo - the knit hat and the worker boots. I think they do add a lot.

What inspiration have you found from the internets lately?

I'm putting together some posts of outfit ensembles for spring based on clothing I have. Stay tuned!


  1. Aren't you clever. I love that your finding new looks in your own closet. Snowing here... there?

    1. Oh is it snowing there? It's cloudy but it's not snowing - there's no snow in the forecast all week, which I'm pretty happy about. Stay warm, Liza!

  2. I love love this. Ironically while a lot of people are tempted to shop online, I end up getting ideas on how to restyle my clothes through images. It's a great way to get inspiration as well as prevent you from shopping! Your outfit is perfect- I'd totally steal that look from you.

  3. absolutely dig your take on it! didnt realize this could be such a good color combo until i saw it on you!

  4. I love that picture so much - and love how you've interpreted the colour combination. Goes to show that internet inspiration doesnt mean more shopping!

  5. Pret a Porter P: I saw that image yesterday on Sartorialist and bookmarked it - the shades complemented one another so perfectly, and I liked the subtlety of it all. I'd love to see a photo of your version, and I think it's awesome that you did it first!

    Sam: I don't mind if you steal! :) Online browsing is tricky because there is definitely a temptation to want more. For me, I think the internet has given me options that better fit me, while challenging me to try something new. At the same time, it has exposed me to more products and things to buy. I feel like I'm always wanting something I see online, but I try to wait it out and see if that lasts.

    Joy: Thanks! I didn't know either until I saw that photo - ah, the beauty of the internets.

    Ashley: Thanks!

    Lin: I saw a similarly colored leather jacket in the Massimo Dutti collection you shared and got some other combos there so hopefully I'll be getting more use out of the jacket this spring. Unfortunately, sometimes the internet does mean more shopping for me - or at the least the temptation for more shopping, especially as I can be uninspired at the mall but find cool things online. This is part of my effort to stay grounded and not get lost in internet shopping land.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I like your version better too.. It looks more wearable:)
    As for inspiration, Lin's recent post on a striped navy/oak with white pants gave me a lovely idea for my next outfit!

  7. justeileen: I saw that color combo on Lin's site and loved it as well. I hope to start wearing my white pants more now that the weather's warming up.

    Pret a Porter P: Nice! I also really like your most recent outfit with the gap trench.

  8. petrichore: Thanks for stopping by! The leather is very soft. I'm going to try to incorporate this jacket more into my rotation this spring.