22 March 2012

Right this second...

Images: La Garconne

As we are officially in the spring season, I should be getting into color but instead I'm so into these neutral combinations. And I really want a pair of white oxfords! I think they would go well with everything I have, and would be a great staple for spring and summer.

What do you think? Are white oxfords a trend or a closet essential?

21 March 2012

Spring ensembles / 1


Madewell shirt, Marni pantsRachel Comey bootsClare Vivier clutch

As the weather warms up, I'm putting together some ensembles for spring based on clothing I own. I'm hoping this will help to keep shopping at a minimum, as well as help me be creative about combining different pieces.

This is the first in the series. I think these pants and shirt will be in heavy rotation this spring. They are both comfortable and can be paired with most things. The shirt can be worn on its own as I did here, or as a light jacket over a tank or tee. I also love these pants I got on a trip to Seoul two years ago. The length and fit are perfect, and the white color adds a dressed up feeling to the outfit.

shirt: Madewell / pants: Seoul / boots: Rachel Comey / clutch: Clare Vivier
What items in your closet do you anticipate will get a lot of wear this spring?

19 March 2012

Inspiration to reality

Image: Vanessa Jackman
jacket: Florence / shirt: Target / jeans: Levis / boots: Rachel Comey
In my efforts to shop my closet, I've found the internet to be helpful in putting together new combinations of items I already own. Here is one example - I saw this image and thought, I could do a version of this! So it's what I'm wearing today. I couldn't replicate the other details that I loved about this photo - the knit hat and the worker boots. I think they do add a lot.

What inspiration have you found from the internets lately?

I'm putting together some posts of outfit ensembles for spring based on clothing I have. Stay tuned!

16 March 2012

Happy weekend

image by me, via instagram

I hope everyone had a great week. I spent the week recovering from a trip to California last week. Hubby had a work trip in Newport Beach and I tagged along. It happened to be my birthday on the last day of the trip, so it was a nice treat to be in LA. I got to eat great food with family, enjoyed a delicious cake (above) and attended a family baby shower.

Also, I had the chance to squeeze in a trip to A.P.C. and Barneys and try on a few things I'd been eyeing online. Some things were disappointing, while others exceeded my expectations.

tops: J Crew, Land's End / bottoms: Gap, BR / socks: F21 / journal: Moleskin / clutch: Clare Vivier

My obligatory travel packing photo above. At the last minute I swapped out the BR jeans for a pair of Sevens. Not shown is a coat, a larger bag I carried and two pairs of shoes. It's always funny going back to California after having lived there and left. The weather was gorgeous and I saw people wearing Uggs, boots and coats. What the?

We've had amazing weather here in Denver, in the 60s and 70s all week. I'm taking full advantage because it's supposed to snow next week.

07 March 2012


Image: Closet Visit

Ever since I saw Momo Suzuki featured on Closet Visit I've been captured by her simple and yet clearly defined sense of style and aesthetic. Not only is her clothing and home so artfully simple, but her responses to the questions emit the same elegant simplicity.

Image: Closet Visit

I'm still in the process of honing my style but I hope one day it can be as streamlined and cohesive as Momo's style. Today her home is featured on Mohawk General Store's blog. Also, her spring collection is now available! I have one of her dresses and cannot wait to wear it again when the weather warms up. Her pieces are very soft, 100% cotton, and at a great price point. I've been drawn to the color yellow this season (weird!), and I love the long dress in flower, but on a practical level I'd probably end up wearing the one in cloud more.

How about you? Is there someone that inspires you lately?

EDIT: Jeana Sohn just posted photos of herself wearing more of Momo's newest pieces here. I don't think I could pull off any of the looks, but they look gorgeous on her. 

05 March 2012


L - shirt & jeans: J Crew / boots: Frye Paige  // M - shirt: Land's End / pants: J Brand / flats: Off Saks // 
R - shirt: J Crew / pants: Seoul / boots: Rachel Comey Penpal

Two things today! First, I found a breton top! I went to Land's End and they had the sailor top that I noted before. The only problem was that the smallest size was a M. I tried it on and it was big, but how could I resist with it being heavily discounted at 1/4 of the original price? I decided to try to shrink it in the wash and if it didn't work give it to my mom. I went home, washed it in warm water, line dryed it, and it's now perfect. The material is reminiscent of the Saint James Meridien top, but with narrower shoulders and sleeves which I like, while retaining a loose boxy fit down below. Other plusses are the color scheme (navy with white stripes), the longer length, and the sleeve length. I think I'm going to be reaching for this frequently. I highly recommend it if you want a lower cost option! Land's End is having a big sale (50-60% off sale items), so now is a good time to check it out.

Secondly, in an effort to remind myself that I have plenty of clothing to wear that works for me and to tame the inner shopping beast, I've been making a conscious effort to shop my closet. I'm rediscovering things I still love and getting rid of those I don't. I'm also realizing what a black, navy, white, grey person I am - evidence above! Neutrals work for me, and so does simplicity. I think I'm beginning to see what people mean when they say they have a uniform. Mine seems to be loose tops with fitted bottoms. I could probably mix and match the tops, bottoms and shoes of the three outfits above, which is great.

What about you? Have you discovered any neglected items in your own closet recently? Do you have a uniform that works for you?

02 March 2012

Breton shirt

Saint James unisex Meridien II at J. Crew

In recent weeks I've come across of a variety of fashion/style blogs - not the mass media types, but personal, individual bloggers who post thoughts on fashion and detail their own journey of editing and refining their closets. It's been very enlightening. As a result, I've been inspired to edit my closet and pair it down to a handful of quality basics that will age well and get much use. I'm realizing what a mess my closet is, and what an impulsive shopper I am. As a student with limited funds, I find myself shopping out of boredom and then buying something because it's on sale. Also, I notice that I tend to be drawn to novelty items rather than building a closet full of interchangeable items that I can wear frequently. I want to come up with a list of things to begin building my new and improved closet. It is far from where I want it to be but, deep breath, take it one step at a time.

So I begin my endeavors with the Breton shirt. I love stripes (lots of inspiration at La Mariniere). I think stripes are classic, go with everything, while adding that special something. An examination of what I have currently in stripes:
  • H&M 3/4 sleeve cotton top (white w/ navy stripes): this shirt is pretty comfortable but at times too thin (especially in the winter), and I find the 3/4 sleeve annoys me. I usually have to layer this with a cardigan or sweater because it's thin, but the sleeve then scrunches up above my elbow when I put on the sweater. Also, I have a long torso and the length is slightly shorter than I would like.
  • Tommy Hilfiger long sleeve pima cotton (white w/ navy): this shirt is actually very well made. It's soft and fits loosely, is a good length, and is great for winter. But it's a little too thick for summer, and difficult to layer because of its thickness.
  • J. Crew short sleeve tee (white w/ black): I really like the material of this shirt, and the cut. It's a fitted style but not tight, and the material is a thicker cotton, not the flimsy cotton/modal blend. However, this is a perfect example of a bad buy - there are holes on one side of the shirt with a ribbon that laces through and ties. This completely annoys me and detracts from the "basic-ness" of the shirt.
  • J. Crew sweatshirt (grey w/ white): This sweatshirt is comfy, and I think it's a great casual piece for summer - a nice thin sweatshirt to layer over a tee and cutoffs. Too casual for winter.
my striped shirts 

Thus, I've concluded that I need a basic striped shirt that goes with everything, can be dressed up or down, is comfortable and classic. I've been searching for a breton shirt on the nets and here are some options I've come up with:
  • Saint James Miniquiers: This seems like such an ideal shirt. I've read rave reviews about its quality. However, I tried on the unisex Meridien (pic above) at J. Crew yesterday, and couldn't find the right fit. The XS was too large, and the XXS was not only too short (again, long torso issue), but a bit too boxy for my narrow and flat chested upper body. I don't know if the Miniquiers would hang differently as the material of the Meridian is stiffer, or if it would get better with wear and over time, but at first glance I don't think this would work for me. Maybe the ladies' version would work better? If only I could find a place to try it on.
  • Wood Wood Abril: I discovered this on Assembled Hazardly and I think it looks perfect on Amanda. The slim fit would work and I like the longer length. Unfortunately, I'm a little late on this and it's sold out.
  • Land's End Sailor: This could work - if I can find it and try it on that would be ideal. From the photo though, it looks like it might be short on me.
  • Edith Miller: I've read great things about the Edith Miller striped tees. They look thinner than some of the other options. I think it would be nice to have a thinner shirt as well as a thicker one.
Any thoughts? What is your favorite Breton shirt?