11 January 2013

Mistake of 2012

I did pretty well in 2012 in terms of limiting my shopping and buying well. I made a few mistakes, but the biggest one was buying this herringbone coat from Mango back in November. It looked so enticing on the blogs, so Marant-esque in its oversized look, but at a ridiculously low price of $50. I thought, if this coat is so popular, it must be good quality. Yes, wishful thinking.

Mango Herringbone Coat
There's no Mango here in Denver, so I ordered it online without ever seeing it in person. It arrived in the mail and was a total piece of crap. Except for a small lining below the collar, it was completely unlined. The material was rough, thin, and shed little white pieces all over. Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for someone else), I was able to sell it on ebay.

It's tough because Denver is pretty limited in terms of shops, so I have to do a lot of shopping online, based on reviews, company reputation, and just cross my fingers. I look at the measurements and measure my own clothing to figure out my size. It's very hit and miss. I'd like to say I want to cut out online shopping all together, but it's just not feasible for me, and some things have worked out wonderfully. I appreciate when stores have free return shipping, but that is rare. Sometimes it's just a big hassle too.

Anyone else have this problem? How do you manage?