27 October 2009

animal print

i've never been into animal prints. but lately, they're calling out to me! i still don't know whether i'd actually have the guts to pull it off.

21 October 2009


i'm such a sucker for coats. i can't decide which color i like better.

by jcrew.

20 October 2009

brooklyn loft

clean, organic and modern. i like!

from nytimes.

16 October 2009


what a beautiful teapot. the inside is porcelain.

by pols potten.

15 October 2009


classic and chic bags...

creative women

simple napkins and tablecloths. for a good cause, too.


a basic but versatile piece that can be dressed up or down.

vintage from modcloth.

14 October 2009


i just love her bags.


no one can seem to figure out how to get a hold of this shirt. if i could, i'd grab it in a heartbeat.

tiny world

i'm thinking about attempting to make one of these...

from doodlebirdie's shop.

fall essentials wishlist

boyfriend blazer
ankle boots (+)
plaid button down (+)
grey knit stockings (+)
leather satchel
black tunic
skinny jeans (+)
chunky knit beret (+)


i love these but why do they gotta be so expensive?

virginia johnson @ beklina.

oh well

i was eyeing this ikat scarf but someone wolfed it up 5 minutes later.

from dear golden vintage. i am addicted to this store.