13 April 2012

Tie dye

Upstate Dress, Image from Bonadrag
An unexpected trend that I've gravitated towards in the last year is tie dye. To me it emits a neutral vibe, perhaps due to the blending of various shades of similar colors, with an added twist (no pun intended). It's also something that can be worn casually to the park, beach or coffee shop, or dressed up for lunch or dinner with a friend or significant other.

Black Crane Dress, Image from Mohawk General Store
Aside from my regular go-to items, I find myself being drawn to tie dye prints as the weather warms up, rather than bright colors and accessories. Also, tie dye has a very Colorado feel to me, so I feel comfortable in it in my new city.

Have you surprised yourself with a trend or style you like that seems unexpected? How do you incorporate it into your wardrobe?


  1. I'm on the fence about tie-dye. It reminds me of my teenage DIY years of trying to make the multicolor ones. I think I can handle it in a muted color palette or in smaller doses like a tailored skirt.

    Since I'm off my capsule wardrobe challenge (haha finally!) I'm going to add some floral prints back into my wardrobe but keep the silhouette more boxy to keep in line with my own style.


    Ps. Hurrah for a new post. :)

  2. That's a lovely dress you posted, and apc has a blue one for the Summer collection. Unfortunately, I will probably not wear it too often although I like the shape of the dress.

  3. The Black Crane dress is so lovely, so chic! I have to say that the floral print trend has been growing on me lately and I've been looking for a white pencil skirt with floral print in a pattern similar to those gorgeous floral dresses in the Studio Max Mara spring campaign.

  4. I really like the Black Crane dress- a muted color is such a nice twist on your usual tie dye. I've been pretty surprised by my recent affinity for printed bottoms. So far I've only purchased a pair of floral shorts since I already have a couple vintage printed skirts, but if this sticks around we'll see if I end up going all the way and indulging in a pair of trousers.

  5. oh gosh I LOVE that dress, tie dye is so strangely alluring! Batik too! x

  6. The second dress is so beautiful!


  7. The 2 tie dyed dresses are appealing, more so that ones in a myriad of colors. I've been strangely drawn to leopard print for the past 2 years. Never thought I'd wear such a "loud" print but it turns out to be a great neutral

  8. I see you have been busy.. missed your posts:)