07 March 2012


Image: Closet Visit

Ever since I saw Momo Suzuki featured on Closet Visit I've been captured by her simple and yet clearly defined sense of style and aesthetic. Not only is her clothing and home so artfully simple, but her responses to the questions emit the same elegant simplicity.

Image: Closet Visit

I'm still in the process of honing my style but I hope one day it can be as streamlined and cohesive as Momo's style. Today her home is featured on Mohawk General Store's blog. Also, her spring collection is now available! I have one of her dresses and cannot wait to wear it again when the weather warms up. Her pieces are very soft, 100% cotton, and at a great price point. I've been drawn to the color yellow this season (weird!), and I love the long dress in flower, but on a practical level I'd probably end up wearing the one in cloud more.

How about you? Is there someone that inspires you lately?

EDIT: Jeana Sohn just posted photos of herself wearing more of Momo's newest pieces here. I don't think I could pull off any of the looks, but they look gorgeous on her. 


  1. These are beautiful images: I love the dress in the bottom left hand picture. I also like the appearance of so much greenery in her living space.

  2. she looks so elegant and chic and so comfortable in her own skin. definitely someone to look up to for inspiration!

  3. Yes, this was one of my favorite Closet Visits. There's just such an ease to her style- I really appreciate that.

  4. Great choice, she's one of my favorites. I also feel the same way about trying to reach that point when my style is cohesive and instinctual. I'm on the way there it feels, as I've begun to have friends/family tell me they've seen something in a store that's very "me." I'm not sure what "me" is, but it's nice to know it's emerging.

    Right now I'm inspired by Waris Ahluwalia, Oroma Elewa, and Totokaelo (not a person, but their styling is flawless).

  5. lapindelune, yes, I've been thinking about getting some larger plants for my place when the weather warms up. Indoor plants do add a lot, don't they?

    Joy, definitely. She does seem very comfortable in her own skin. I like that.

    Lindsay K, it's been my favorite Closet Visit so far.

    CamisaBlanca, that's cool that others are beginning to be able to pinpoint what looks very "you". I think my style is still a bit everywhere.

  6. I would love to live in a home like that! I am trying my best not to buy new things and to get rid of the things that don't serve a purpose, but it is surprisingly difficult. It is definitely a process.

  7. Beautiful! Love love love Closet visit. Such a good concept and very inspiring ladies! Like the native american meets scandinavian style.

  8. Maja H, I love her home as well. Moving three times in the last three years has caused me to keep things at a minimum. Packing and unpacking makes one realize how much stuff there is in the cabinets, closets, drawers and corners of a place.

    Thea vintage, haha, I like your description of the closet visits: native american meets scandinavian. Very fitting.

  9. i loved this one too, momo's house is so good!

  10. Ashley, yes, I love how she has set up her home. I'm looking forward to seeing how your place comes along as well.