17 February 2012

Recent purchases

aran sweater: vintage / jeans: Levis / boots: Beatrice Valenzuela
The Aran wool fisherman sweater I got on Ebay was in perfect condition, and fits great - slightly slouchy and a little long, but not so oversized that I'm swimming in it. I opted for this over the shrunken fisherman sweaters at retail stores this season because of my long torso. This one is super comfy and warm, and I know it will last forever. I searched long and hard for a fisherman sweater and got lucky, especially as it's always risky to purchase without trying something on. It was also a great deal at $9.99 + $10 for shipping. The high quality of this sweater is hard to find these days - it was hand knit in Scotland. I'm also wearing my Beatrice Valenzuela botins that I received in the mail yesterday. They feel a little tight but they are supposed to stretch out about half a size so they should be the right size after some wear. I think they will be perfect for non-snowy cold Colorado days. And lastly my Levis black jeans that I bought 3 years ago for $30 which only get more comfortable over time. The overall theme of this outfit is comfy.


  1. Oh that sweater is pure perfection!

  2. Thea vintage, it really is. I've been wearing it quite frequently this winter.